Boys and Young Men of Color | YMCA DC

Boys and Young Men of Color

A Legacy of Leadership 

In Washington D.C. in 1853, Rev. Anthony Bowen founded the first YMCA in the world dedicated to improving the lives of Black boys and young men. To revive, reclaim, and restore Bowen’s work, the YMCA leads the national Boys and Young Men of Color strategy out of D.C.’s Anthony Bowen branch.

The Boys and Young Men of Color strategy (BYMOC), addresses persistent opportunity gaps by removing barriers, providing services and support, nurturing young men, and enhancing their:
  • Education
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Character Development
  • Belonging & Community
  • Building Health & Well-Being

Many Paths to Equitable Outcomes  

Participating YMCAs tailor their BYMOC programming to meet their unique communities’ needs.  Some focus on tutoring and mentoring, others focus on team sports, or exposure to different careers and cultural opportunities.  All YMCAs dedicated to the BYMOC strategy push towards the same goals.

Boys and Young Men of Color Goals  

  • By 2024, for 10,000 boys and young men of color across 100 cities across the U.S.:
  • 70% of participants will access high-quality, nurturing, and more culturally responsive neighborhood environments
  • 75% of participants will have stabilized and improved grades by reducing suspensions and improving school attendance
  • 100% of participants will have completed pre- and post-assessment for social-emotional learning
  • 75% of participants will access high-quality post-secondary and career-ready pathways

Impact Map 

Currently, YMCAs in 54 cities are working on projects and programs designed to support the BYMOC strategy.