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Early Learning & Afterschool Community Impact

All children deserve a warm, welcoming, and inclusive learning environment, full of the engaging experiences and high expectations that empower them to strive and thrive in school, inspire them to make life-long friends, and ensure they feel connected to a community that cares.

The YMCA’s Early Learning Programs follows the research-based Creative Curriculum® to personalize hands-on, project-based investigations in a way that nurtures curiosity, invites exploration, and sparks a love of learning with the thrill of each new discovery.

For older children, the YMCA’s Afterschool offerings continue to accelerate learning, building strong study habits, creativity, and critical thinking skills so students are inspired to take on new challenges and achieve their academic goals. Physically active games built into every day ensure students get up and get moving while they have fun, build their confidence, and learn to be good leaders and teammates.