Linkages to Learning | YMCA DC

Linkages to Learning

Linkages to Learning assists students and their families by addressing the social, economic, health, and emotional issues that may interfere with student success. We assist whole-school communities by bringing additional partners and resources into schools to offer a range of supports and opportunities to students and families. We provide low-income students in elementary and middle schools with: 

  • Academic support and school supplies 
  • Enrichment activities 
  • Medical & mental health services 
  • Social services 

We also provide whole families with: 

  • Immigrant support groups & English as a Second Language classes 
  • Case management 
  • Parenting groups  
  • Social Skills groups  
  • Individual and Family therapy   
  • Theraplay groups (resiliency groups)  

Working through schools, Linkages to Learning also coordinates:  

  • Food Distribution (about 1,520 bags delivered monthly!)  
  • Clothing and school supplies donations  

We currently serve more than 1,000 individuals through our 44 school partners.