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YMCA Alexandria Specialty Camps


Campers really get cooking in this introduction to the culinary arts where they learn to create fun things that you can eat! Incorporating cleanliness, nutrition, cooking terms, measuring, creating, sharing and EATING, this camp allows children to become little chefs. From chopping up to cleaning up, it’s all food for thought.


Join us on a wacky adventure through all kinds of cool and crazy chemical reactions. Use chemicals to make slippery slime and watch colors separate before your eyes! Find out how to make volcanoes erupt, what oobleck is, how to make gak and more! Add in messy games and activities, creating a slimy, grimy, goopy and magical experience.


Create crafty creations! Develop your creativity with drawing, painting, sculpting and many more cool arts & crafts projects. This hands on camp will introduce the creative camper to dabbling in drawing, plaster of paris, paper mâché, clay characters, and more! Please send children in appropriate clothing that allows for freedom of expression.

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