YMCA Bethesda-Chevy Chase

Welcome to the Y!  Please browse our selection of amenities and activities below and click the Hours of Operation button below for pool, child care, and holiday hours. We look forward to your visit!

Your Y is here to help you meet all of your health and fitness goals. The YMCA is more than a gym membership. Beyond helping members like you achieve their health and fitness goals, the Y lifts up whole communities with our youth, health, and social responsibility programs.

Gym Membership

A YMCA gym membership in Bethesda gets you access to:

· Fun and exciting classes to keep you motivated to achieve your goals

· Top of the line equipment

· Access to pickleball courts, classes, and tournaments

· Professional coaching

· Indoor and outdoor pools

· Heated therapy pool perfect for stretching

· Blood pressure monitoring, diabetes prevention, cooking classes, and nutritional counseling

Why sign up for a YMCA gym membership? Because at the Y, our members can create fitness routines that fit their time, preferences and goals. Our members stick with their health and fitness programs because at the Y, they can find activities and expert staff that keep them motivated, moving, and coming back for more. You’ll benefit from:

· Improved emotional and physical health

· Help with weight management

· Decreased stress and increasing energy levels

· Improved sleep cycles

· New friendships and social opportunities

· Increased strength, balance, and flexibility

By providing facilities, activities, and programs that promote health and wellness for every age and level of activity, the Y supports members as they work to become the best version of themselves.

Whether they take a class, train with friends and family, or work out in our wellness centers, members can have fun while increasing strength, endurance, and gaining confidence.


Your YMCA gym membership in Bethesda also earns you member discounts to our childcare and camp programs!

All children deserve a warm, welcoming, and inclusive learning environment, full of the engaging experiences and high expectations that empower them to strive and thrive in school, inspire them to make life-long friends, and ensure they feel connected to a community that cares.

The YMCA’s Early Learning Programs follows the research-based Creative Curriculum® to personalize hands-on, project-based investigations in a way that nurtures curiosity, invites exploration, and sparks a love of learning with the thrill of each new discovery.

For older children, the YMCA’s Afterschool offerings continue to accelerate learning, building strong study habits, creativity, and critical thinking skills so students are inspired to take on new challenges and achieve their academic goals. Physically active games built into every day ensure students get up and get moving while they have fun, build their confidence, and learn to be good leaders and teammates.

Summer Camps at Ayrlawn

YMCA Summer Day Camps banish summer boredom with exciting opportunities for children to pursue their passions, take on new challenges, make new friends, and discover their potential as they step up into bold new roles. By expanding learning experiences well beyond the school year, YMCA packs summers with fresh opportunities, allowing children to pursue their interests and build new skills, memories, and friendships that last a lifetime. YMCA Day Camps turn the spotlight on learning opportunities that can get crowded out of busy school days. Our energetic and caring counselors welcome all campers as they expand their love of sports, science, art, and nature. Y Camp encourages campers to try new adventures in a safe, supportive, fun, and friendly environment.


Fun and games aren’t just for kids at camp. Your YMCA gym membership also gets you access to our pickelball courts in Bethesda, as well as lessons, clubs, and tournaments!

Simpler than tennis, a better workout than ping pong, and way more fun than a treadmill, pickleball combines the best parts of several sports to create an easy and accessible way for people of all ages to have fun, workout, and socialize. More than 2.5 million people in the U.S. love this low-impact, fast-paced game, because it was designed to include people of all ages and skill sets. As part of our mission to inspire families and communities to come together, get active, and stay healthy, Pickleball gives everyone an exciting and fun way to get moving and stick with it.

Community Health Programs and Nutrition Counseling

At the Y, membership means more than a workout. The YMCA is dedicated to improving the health of its members and our communities. We work with doctors, hospitals, local health departments, Medicaid, and insurance companies to help everyone live their healthiest lives. Certified YMCA staff work with groups and individuals to support them in their long-term wellness goals. Beyond exercise equipment and classes, YMCA gym membership connects you with experts who provide help with:

· Diabetes prevention

· Blood pressure monitoring and care

· Cooking classes

· Dietetic counseling

Join the YMCA Bethesda-Chevy Chase Today!

Join our close community of caring, motivated individuals that are ready to inspire and help you meet your health and lifestyle goals. Your YMCA gym membership is the first step for you to take for positive change that will make you get healthier and feel better, all while building a stronger community.