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Pickleball at the Y!


Pickleball combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. It is a fun game that is easy to learn for beginners of all ages and the rules are simple. Gather some friends to play singles or doubles; or meet new players at a social drop-in session at the Y. 

Pickleball is now offered all year-round at the Y both indoors and outdoors!

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In addition to the pickleball programming at our branches, the Y also hosts community pickleball tournaments and events. Past events have included an exciting exhibition featuring Ben and Collin Johns and a Play with the Pros fundraising event where participants to go be on the court with Pickleball stars Riley Newman and the Kawamoto sisters!

The five basic pickleball rules are:

  1. Serving must be underhand from the baseline, diagonally crosscourt, and the serve cannot land in the no-volley zone (kitchen).
  2. The serving player/team must let the return of serve bounce.
  3. The ball must stay in bounds during play and bounce no more than once per side.
  4. Players cannot hit the ball in the air when in the kitchen.
  5. Games are played to 11, win by two. Points are only scored by the serving player/team. There are more rules to the game, but these five will help you to get started. Have fun!

Join the Pickleball craze and play at a YMCA Pickleball court near you. Pickleball is a low-impact court sport that is a delightful blend of tennis, badminton, and ping pong and people just can’t get enough. It started back in the mid-1960s and through the years, this fun-to-say and fun-to-play activity has become one of the fastest-growing sports in our country. And for good reason. It’s a game that everyone can learn, enjoy, and get excited about. Whether you want to play a game with a friend or two, or become a more serious Pickler, come to the Y and give Pickleball a try.

Benefits of Playing Pickleball

There are a lot of positive benefits to playing Pickleball. These include:

Easy To Learn & Fun To Play: Pickleball uses a much smaller court, so there’s less running.  And because the ball is similar to a wiffle-ball, it’s easier to hit.  So anyone can pick up a paddle and get started having fun.

Great for Friends and Families: Pickleball is typically played in a doubles format, making it the perfect activity for couples and friends.  Players stay closer to the net, so it’s easy to chat, and everyone is having such fun, there’s always friendly banter.

Keeps You Physically Fit and Healthy: This is a game that keeps you moving, increases your heart rate, and strengthens balance, and agility. It also challenges your mental awareness, so you have to think fast!

Flexible For Skill Levels and Ages: Pickleball can be played as relaxed or as competitive as the players want. This makes it a versatile, flexible activity that is as fun for kids, adults, and seniors alike. 

The Y Is All About Pickleball, Your Play, Your Way

The best thing about Pickleball is it’s all about your play, your way! Whether you enjoy a warm sunny outdoor court or the controlled atmosphere indoors, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at all the different ways you can enjoy Pickleball at the YMCA. Hundreds of our members have fallen in love with this engaging sport and you can too!

Open Play/Drop-in : The YMCA has open play/drop-in hours to practice your skills or team up for a match, rotating among players at your skill level. Registration is required. 

Tournaments: If you have a competitive edge or simply enjoy community play, tournaments will suit your style.

Competitive Gameplay: This is designed for those who are looking for others with a competitive spirit and a more challenging atmosphere.

Partner Matching: If you fly solo and are looking for a partner, our partner matching system will pair you with someone with a similar skill level.

Reserve A Court: If you want to guarantee a court will be ready when you arrive, make a reservation ahead of time.

We Offer Pickleball Lessons For All Ages and Skill Levels

Strengthen your game and talent with Pickleball lessons for every age and skill level. Our expert instructors are Pickleball players who know, play, and love the game. They are excited and ready to share insider tips and tricks that will make you a better player and fall more in love with the sport. 

We offer classes for beginners to learn the basics all the way up to higher skill levels. The more you play the better your game gets. We have classes designed for more experienced competitive players to refine their skills and also offer private classes that are customized just for you.

Beginner Classes: These lessons are designed to introduce you to the basic rules of the game, the equipment needed, proper swings, and strategies to get you game-ready in no time.

Skill Level Classes: Our classes are custom-designed specifically for the skill of the student to receive the best learning experience. This includes children, adults, and senior citizens.

Private Lessons: If you are looking to get more serious about your Pickleball skills, get personalized one-on-one attention with private lessons that are customized just for your needs and schedules.

Meet Our YMCA Pickleball Professionals

Our Pickleball coaches are more than just players of the game. They are enthusiasts and, professionals. Our pickleball coaches, holding the highest certifications in their field, possess decades of experience teaching players of all levels, while our leadership team has a proven track record of success in all facets of the racquet sports industry.

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Ready to pick up a racket and hit the Pickleball court? Learn more about the sport, check out our schedule, register for classes, or reserve a court today. Let’s dink, lob, smile and laugh together at your local YMCA!