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School Age Child Care


At the Y, we set ourselves apart because we deliver a youth experience that intentionally fosters each child’s cognitive, social-emotional and physical development through opportunities and experiences which focus on achievement, relationships, and belonging. We offer safe, supervised activities and daily schedules that include sports, group games, homework support, arts & crafts, STEM, and more!

Enrolling your child in YMCA school age child care isn’t just convenient. There are tremendous advantages to be gained by both parents and children.

Opportunity to Become More Independent

Children who spend time with peers away from their parents have the chance to become more independent. The atmosphere at the YMCA is such that kids can learn, grow, and express themselves in a safe environment that is populated by peers and responsible adults other than parents. This often results in kids taking on more independent challenges and leadership roles that they can apply to other areas of their lives, such as in group projects at school, or with younger siblings at home.

Builds Confidence

The supervised activities, homework support, and other aspects of being enrolled in school age child care at the Y help to build confidence in kids. The children are permitted to make certain choices with safe boundaries, such as which activities to engage in, which foods to eat, where to sit, what kind of art to create, how to enjoy each activity, and more. They are encouraged to be responsible for themselves and their possessions; keeping track of their coats, cleaning up their personal eating area, etc.

Finally, the professionals at the Y are ready with confidence-building encouragement and support for good effort. All of these things and more help your child to build confidence that they can carry with them throughout adulthood.

Peace of Mind For Parents

At the Y, only vetted, mature persons are hired to supervise activities and school age children in our care. Parents can have peace of mind that their children are in the capable hands of those who are carefully trained, when they search for child care near me at the Y. So while parents are working and taking care of other responsibilities, their children are being watched over in a thriving environment that is safe, yet offers sufficient mental and physical stimulation to keep children engaged until its time to go home.

Benefits of the Activities Offered During School Age Child Care at the Y

Depending upon which Y location you use for school age child care, various activities will be offered to children. The activities will vary based on location amenities, seasons, and the ages of the children. Rest assured, all of the activities are age-appropriate and supervised by a staff member.

The types of activities in which children may be able to participate include things like:

  • seasonal, holiday and regular arts and crafts, which help to build fine motor skills as the child uses traditional arts and crafts tools and supplies. It also serves to provide a more relaxed, quiet environment in which to enjoy light conversation with other kids or to create a quiet, meditative state if the child so wishes.
  • aquatics, which builds strength and swimming skills that are essential for well-rounded abilities around water. This activity also allows children to enjoy an amenity that they may not have access to at home or school.
  • kids sports recreation, which helps to build physical strength and instill light competition.

If you would like more information regarding our School-Age programs, please fill out the form below and a YMCA representative will get in contact with you.

School Age