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YFS Leadership

Stephanie Shirey, Executive Director  

Ms. Shirey joined YFS in 2016 as Associate Executive Director and served as Interim Executive Director from 2021 to 2022. As Executive Director she has responsibility for the overall operations of YFS, including its budgets, audits, human resources, information technology, grants and contracts, and fundraising campaigns. She has managed YFS’s grant funding and contract compliance since 2016. She has developed strategic plans and policies and procedures as well as written grants and marketing materials. 

Prior to coming to YMCA Youth & Family Services, Stephanie was in organizational leadership roles in non-profit organizations for almost ten years.  Accomplishments include spearheading the successful implementation of new $3.3 million Affordable Care Act program, creating strategic partnerships with more than fifteen public health organizations, Community Action Agencies, and other community organizations in six counties in Western Maryland, putting into place new operational, financial, and IT systems and processes to effectively launch new initiative.  In addition to her experience in the non-profit sector, Ms. Shirey has considerable experience in the for-profit sector, in real estate and insurance industries. 

Ms. Shirey holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Albright College (Reading, Pennsylvania). She has a YMCA of the USA certification as a Multi-Team/Branch Leader and global leader, and is a certified instructor for the YMCA of the USA’s Introduction to Fiscal Management and Advanced Fiscal Management courses. 

Elena dos Reis, Sr. Director of Community Services 

Elena dos Reis is the Youth & Family Services Sr. Director of Community Programs and Services where she oversees the Linkages to Learning Program and its 24 staff.  Linkages to Learning is a community school partnership with an integrated focus on health, social services, community development and engagement to support student learning, strong families and healthy communities.  

Elena has 18 years of experience building communities, supporting families, and removing barriers to education, providing services in both English and Spanish.  She began at YFS as a Family Case Manager intern working one-on-one with families before transitioning to Community School Coordinator, focusing on community outreach.  She has been in a leadership position since 2008.  She uses her hand’s-on knowledge and experience to support her team in the amazing work they do every day.  Elena’s areas of expertise are parent engagement and parent empowerment.  She received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and did her internship with the Linkages to Learning program back in 2004!