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Place Membership on Hold


Members may place their membership on hold through the following leave of absence policies:

Standard Leave of Absence: Members may place their membership on hold for a minimum of 3- months and a maximum of 6-months once per calendar year and pay a monthly inactive fee of $10/month for a one-adult membership or $15/month for a two-adult membership. The monthly hold fee enables the member to retain their membership dues rate and all affiliated benefits, including pool access, provided that the member does not cancel their membership at any time during the hold status.

To place a membership on hold, a Leave of Absence Requests Form (available below) must be submitted by members at least two weeks prior to their next draft of billing date. Once membership is placed on hold, members are not permitted to use YMCA facilities (this includes with a guest pass). If member access records reflect your use of YMCA facilities while your membership is on hold, your membership will be reactivated and your account charged. Membership payments automatically resume once the hold period has ended. To reactivate membership ahead of the end of the hold period, please notify the YMCA via email at Members may place their membership on hold through the following leave of absence policies outlined below.

In the event that a YMCA branch closes for a full month in compliance with a government mandate or health official requirement, members have the option of donating their membership inactive fees to the YMCA or receiving a credit that can be applied towards a future membership dues payment for each full month that the Y was closed. No credits will be issued for partial month closure.

Medical Leave of Absence: Members may have their membership temporarily inactivated for a minimum of one-month without fees due to an illness or physical injury (i.e. a member is physically unable to use any of the facilities). For annual members, a credit will be provided for the inactive time. To initiate Medical Leave, please email and include the member’s full name, membership ID number, contact information (mailing address, phone number and email address), the name of the home YMCA branch joined, and include a letter from the member’s physician stating that they must refrain from all exercise for a specific time period. To resume membership access and end the Medical Leave, the member must first present a medical clearance letter from their physician to the YMCA (either via email to or to a Y staff member at the branch member service desk)

Military Leave of Absence: if you are a member of the armed forces, a member of the National Guard serving on full-time duty or a Civil Service technician with a National Guard; and you receive permanent change of station orders to depart the Metropolitan Washington region or receive temporary duty orders in excess of three months’ duration to depart the Metropolitan Washington region, you may inactivate your membership without fee as long as you provide military documentation. When returning from duty, the membership will be reactivated.

The YMCA reserves the right to change all of the membership leave of absence policies. In the event that a change to the policies results in increased payments from members, YMCA policy is to notify members by mail 30-days in advance of any increase taking effect.