At YMCA Arlington Tennis & Squash Center, tennis instruction is led by the pros from Pass Academy.  Campers learn to improve their tennis skills on-court, while creating lasting friendships and memories. Your child will learn the fundamentals of the game through drills, games, and friendly competition adapted to age and skill level while practicing sportsmanship in a safe and fun environment. The staff to participant ratio is 1:6.
To enroll in Summer Tennis Camp, a YMCA membership is required. If you are already a member, you can sign-up for camp using your CourtReserve account. If you are not already a member, click on this link to complete a membership application and follow the steps listed. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to register for summer tennis camp using your new CourtReserve account.  If you need assistance with membership or have any questions, please contact Luan.Loo@ymcadc.org.

We are excited to have your family be a part of our camp family for this amazing summer ahead of us.  The Y has created a camp experience that allows children to be active and engaged in a safe environment.

To assist us in operating our camps in the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the Y asks that you provide a negative COVID-19 test to be administered within 24 hours of the start of camp every  Monday morning. A photo of the negative test result, along with a paper designating the date and time of the test, should be sent to the Camp Director prior to your child arriving at camp. If you are unable to send the test result, please bring a copy/photo with you and show at drop-off. The Y has implemented this measure to help create a safe environment for all of our campers.


Click here to register through EZ to Enroll.


Red Team (5-8 years old): 

Campers learn basic technique and accuracy while developing athletic skills in a fun environment. Campers use racquets sized for small hands and, while playing on a small court, use slower balls that are easier to hit, building confidence in their game.

Orange Team (9-10 years old): 

Divided into two levels, Orange is for both beginner and intermediate 10 and under campers ready to play on a slightly larger court. The classes are designed to continue building athletic skills while learning or refining the skills necessary to serve, rally, and score.

Green Team (10-12 years old): 

Green is designed for beginner to intermediate level campers. Green is taught using a rally based curriculum and focuses on developing sending and receiving skills, sound footwork, racquet mechanics and incorporating comparable athletic skills developed in other sports. Campers learn how to properly position themselves to execute ground strokes and volleys, hit with purpose, serve and ultimately sustain a rally of varying speed and duration.

Yellow Team (12+):

Campers in Yellow aspire to compete in USTA sanctioned tournaments and/or participate in interscholastic competition. Practice consists of agility, balance, and fitness sessions followed by tennis training focused on stroke development, strategy and tactics for singles and doubles.

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