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YMCA Prince George’s County Specialty Camps


Campers really get cooking in this introduction to the culinary arts where they learn to create fun things that you can eat! Incorporating cleanliness, nutrition, cooking terms, measuring, creating, sharing and EATING, this camp allows children to become little chefs. From chopping up to cleaning up, it’s all food for thought.


Go beyond the expected! Discover finger-painting, sponge dipping and other exciting possibilities.


Young fashion gurus will create fashions and awesome apparel in this creative camp.  Campers will learn the basics of clothing construction, from creative inspiration to practical considerations.  This camp will culminate with a fashion show featuring creations by our very own style icons.


Join us for some amazing science experiments and cool projects! Learn chemistry concepts, build models or a vortex volcano in a bottle. Every day offers a new experience for campers to become scientific sleuths – learning how to ask bright questions and find right answers.

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