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Cooking & Food Programs

Throughout COVID-19 the YMCA has been hosting weekly food distribution at many of our locations. Find the full calendar hereFind more nutrition resources in our Virtual Kitchen and a schedule of our virtual cooking classes here


A top priority for the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington is to support the region’s health and well-being. We believe that this is achieved by taking a comprehensive approach to health for each individual and communities that we serve.

On the individual level, the prescription for achieving and maintaining health includes a lot: engaging in regular physical activity, maintaining proper hydration; eating nutritious meals that are appropriate for you, reducing stress, getting adequate sleep, and more. It is not easy.

There are factors we each face as unique individuals and others that we face as a community.

Similarly, nutrition is confusing and the food system is complex.  Some of our families struggle with food insecurity while others do not. Some individuals want to focus on cooking skills while others want a place to purchase produce. For these reasons, the Y’s food programs adopt community-specific programming that addresses the needs and desires of our families. We believe that by doing so we can make a change in our regional food system.

If you would like to be involved, please reach out to